Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – “Boba Fett”

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Marc Laming
Published by: Marvel Comics

Chronology Placement: Set a few years before “Rogue One” and “A New Hope

There is no denying that Boba Fett is one of the coolest characters to come out of the original trilogy, and while he had limited screen time, he made an impact with his awesome design and his stoic bounty hunter personality. Writer Greg Pak takes everything that makes Boba Fett cool and stuffs it into a one-shot comic book, emphasizing the Western vibe as Fett rides into town on the dust ball planet of Carajam. While Fett is a major presence in the story, Pak instead focuses on everyone else’s reaction to the taciturn bounty hunter. For the scum and villainy of the cantina, he is a shadowy figure that instils fear through reputation, but to the captured villagers he rescues as a by-product of his bounty, he is considered a hero. Ironically, this mirrors the way the audience came up with their own interpretation of the character based upon his brief appearance in The Empire Strikes Back.

Marc Laming’s artwork is absolutely perfect for this issue and establishes the sci-fi western vibes effortlessly. The full-page reveal of Fett riding a mechanical horse across the desert plains is simply iconic and sums up the character’s coolness in a single image. Laming infuses his artwork with a gritty realism that suits this glimpse into the Star Wars underworld, and his interpretation of Boba Fett and the intricacies of his armor has got to be the best I’ve seen.

Fett occupies an interesting grey area in the Star Wars universe, loyal to himself rather than the Empire or the Rebellion, his only concern is the terms of his next bounty. A true gunslinger, this comic is extremely effective at capturing the essence of the character even if it doesn’t reveal anything particularly ground-breaking like the previous installments of this series have. Overflowing with atmosphere and perfectly plotted, I’d recommend this comic to those who love to explore the sinister underbelly of the Star Wars universe.

Score – ★★★★ ½

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – “Boba Fett” is available in a digital format from Comixology and Amazon, or collected in the trade paperback, “Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Villains”, which is also available from Comixology and Amazon.

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